About us

The Emerald Marketplace was established to help manage the sourcing, procurement and contract management of buyers and sellers in response to an unstabilized, 'wild west' way of transacting in the wholesale hemp and cannabis industries.

Buying thru this Marketplace ensures that all purchases are conducted fairly at a predetermined, honest price.  The Emerald Marketplace is an online commercial cannabis transactions service run by The Emerald Equity Initiative and powered by Motagistics. Our mission is to provide a streamlined, efficient purchasing portal for cannabis and hemp buyers to acquire the goods and services needed with our Cooperative of trusted member companies. 

The Emerald Marketplace provides sellers with features and organic/digital marketing to help generate sales opportunities through our network. These features include:
  • The ability to offer products available only to business customers
  • Changes to searching abilities that make it easier to find your products
  • Pricing and payment features that simplify buying from you in larger quantities
  • Claiming quality, diversity and ownership credentials to distinguish your business-to-business customers
  • Generate another layer of sales opportunities through particiaption in our CBD drop shipping program for aspiring entrepreneurs
The Emerald Marketplace provides sole proprietors, governmenet and state entities, universities, big business. purchasing pros and occasional buyers, solutions, and benefits that meet the needs of all businesses.
  • Wholesale and single-unit price savings. Recieve exclusive price and quantity discounts on more products and services from the hemp and cannabis industry and to its supply chain organizations. 
  • A complete suite of business/cultivation supporting products and services. Give your team access to products and services on Emerald's supply chain based marketplace. Whether you are in research and development working with with different cannabinoids, in healthcare or wellness, technology or construction-whatever your field, we have what you need and if we don't we can get it for you!!!
  • Reporting and analytics. Track and monitor spending by your organization with dynamic charts and data tables.
  • The Canna Smarts Educational Hub. Consumer, individuals looking for a career in the hemp and cannabis industries; existing businesses looking to perfect consistent, structured practices among their staff, and more can purchase from our suite of self-paced, certificate-based courses.  From dispensary retail, to cultivation/harvesting, post harvest processing, extraction, infusions and cooking with cannabis, Canna Smarts creates, curates and delivers solutions that will prepare you for a career, or, give you practical advice and tips as a consumer shopping for the most effective products to suit your medicinal needs.
  • Hemp and Cannabis Escrow Services. Advisement from many industry stewards have supported the justification for escrow services within the Agri-commodity space, escpecially given the inconsistencies (n quality and safety) of materials and the lack of structure and stability in the process that manages the transaction.  Emerald has developed a escrow moneyflow cadence that eliminates the need for trust and instills peace of mind and a sense of protection for all parties to any large transaction consummating in the Marketplace.  Escrow services are optional, and only come with a 1.5% servicing fee.
  • When you choose to use The Emerald Marketplace, you can search for items using keywords, manufacturer names, seller names, or contract numbers; Compare features, prices, and delivery options; Configure products and services; Place orders directly online; Review delivery options; Select a convenient payment method(include cryptocurrency); and View order history to track status, reorder or cancel.
  • Most importantly you may communicate directly with the seller and request information or clarification on products and services.